ZanRias ~ Trendy Lacey

INTRODUCTION PRICE !!!!!!  RM69.00 ( plus fix rate RM5.00 for postage )

can place order now

Wholesales are welcome..:) pls email us

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6 Responses to “ZanRias ~ Trendy Lacey”

  1. haar jamaludin says:

    Tolong pm ke saya harga 10/20helai tudung ZanRias trendy lacey yang cantik nie..Terima kasih ya..

  2. Puan Ain Kamarudin says:

    i would like to purchase item called sexyred

  3. tiha says:

    Zanrias Trendy Lacey x re-stockkah? sye btol2 berminat ngn tudung ni….

  4. lia says:

    sis i would like to purchase item called brownies

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